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To Another World On My Own!
To Another World On My Own!
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To Another World On My Own!

Other name: Go to A Different World On Your Own!; Going to Another World on Your Own!; Jiriki de Isekai e!; 自力で異世界へ!


Tarou Satu, a young man who longed for an otherworldly adventure since a child and devoted his youth to finding it, finally goes to another world on his own. However, things did not go well for him, as his previous life’s memories were about to be erased by God. Despite that, he almost dies during his reincarnation process, which allows him to fulfil the condition for a special ability and luckily, keep his old memories. From there, the now reincarnated Tauro Satu, grows up by using his brains and efforts while gradually developing his mysterious skill, Garbled Text, which everyone thought to be completely useless. Official Website Original Webtoon



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