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Novelist Can Fight Too
Novelist Can Fight Too
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Novelist Can Fight Too

Other name: Kè Xì Xiǎoshuō Jiā Dàng Rán Kěyǐ Zhàndòu; Lovecraftian Novelist Can Certainly Fight; Ke Xi Xiaoshuo Jia Dang Ran Keyi Zhandou; 克系小说家当然可以战斗

Age warning: "Novelist Can Fight Too" may have content and images that are not suitable for your age. We will not be responsible for relevant if you ignore this warning.


In reality, a novelist who has run out of inspiration has transmigrated into a restrained world where his inspiration explodes everywhere! He was sacrificed at the beginning but accidentally fused with the flesh and blood of the ancient god. Through the system created for him by the ancient god, he can write his experience in this bizarre world into a novel and publish it to the real world. Undercover night watchman academy, battle against soul puppet masters, explore the sea of silence, conquer the time worm in the legendary city… Can he, who writes on the tip of his knife, counterattack step by step from a street novelist to a platinum author, outline this essence of the world infiltrated by evil gods?