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Lord Snowhawk (Official)
Lord Snowhawk (Official)
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Lord Snowhawk (Official)

Other name: Lord Xue Ying; Winter Sovereign; Xue Ying Ling Zhu; Xue Ying Lingzhu; Xuě Yīng Lǐngzhǔ; Лорд Сюэ Ин; 雪鷹領主; 雪鹰领主; Lord Xueying


In the Tranquil Sun province of the empire was a small and inconspicuous territory called the Snow Eagle Territory. The lord of the territory, Dongbo Lie, eloped here with Moyang Yu of the Moyang clan for love and gave birth to two sons–Dongbo Xueying and Dongbo Qingshi. On Xueying's eighth birthday, the Dongbo family's tracks were exposed. His uncle, Moyang Chen, showed up to arrest the Dongbo couple and locked them up in the Moyang clan's territory. In order to save his parents, Xueying worked hard in learning his spear techniques, eventually obtaining the Black Iron Order from the Dragon Mountain Mansion, met Yu Jingqiu, and began his own legendary journey… Original Web Manhua **Official Translations:** English Back in ancient times, there was a small piece of land owned by some nobles that were located in the Anyang province. The name of the land was, “Land of the Winter Eagles.” The owner of the land was named Dong Bo Lie. He created the land after having a romance with Mo Yang Yu of the Mo Yang family. Dong Bo Lie and Mo Yang Yu had two children, Dong Bo Xue Ying, and Dong Bo Qing Shi. When Xue Ying was eight, his family’s evil deeds were revealed and their uncle took Bo Lie away. Mo Yang Yu and his wife were captured and put into the Mo Yang family’s prison. In order to rescue his parents, Xue Ying practiced marksmanship all day, every day, and was rewarded with the Dragon Mount Building’s Iron Order. He met Yu Jing Qiu and opened the doorway to his legendary life…



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