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I Levelled Up by Becoming an Influencer
I Levelled Up by Becoming an Influencer
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I Levelled Up by Becoming an Influencer

Other name: Appraisers level up through video distribution; Kanteishi wa Douga Haishin de Level Up Through; 鑑定士は動画配信でレベルアップする


In a world where your ability to take on dungeons reflects in your status, Akisora Shuu was given the class “Appraiser”. It’s a never seen before class that’s not suited for fighting, so nobody cares about his ability. Thus, he lives a repetitive and mundane life. Then one day, after he posted a video sharing the information of a monster he had appraised in the dungeon, he suddenly leveled up. It turns out that it was because he received a share of the experience of his viewers whenever they defeated the monster he had video’d about. Now, with a way to infinitely level up, he charges into the dungeon to save the person most important to him!