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“I would like to take this opportunity to retire from all competitions and games today.” Youngmin, who had climbed to the position of the strongest fighter, was only waiting for boredom. “I need something that will make my heart race!” He receives an unbearable provocation. “Player Kwon Young-min… Of course, he is a great player. But he won’t make it to the final saga.” “What? Look at this guy!” Youngmin, who was hit with “You’re bad at the game,” eventually couldn’t resist and starts playing the virtual reality game, Final Saga… “What’s all this? Oh! I don’t know, just try it for now.” Lacking information, experience, and basic knowledge, Youngmin starts playing the game blindly… “If your body is strong, your mind is at ease,” practicing this belief, Youngmin starts living as “Lian” in Final Saga and grows stronger from the ground up!