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Catastrophic Necromancer
Catastrophic Necromancer
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Catastrophic Necromancer

Other name: 死灵法师!我即是天灾; Si Ling Fashi! Wo Ji Shi Tianzai; Sǐ Líng Fǎshī! Wǒ Jí Shì Tiānzāi; Disastrous Necromancer; Necromancer! I Am a Disaster; Necromancer: King of The Scourge


The game has emerged into reality, the rules of the world have been turned upside down and humanity has entered the era of becoming players with the world set as a game stage. The only way to become a player is by leveling up to become stronger! The only way to rise to the top of the world! On the day of world fusion Lin Moyue chose to take on the sole hidden class, Necromancer. From then on, Lin Moyue would not die until his summoned creatures died out. “I sit on the throne of bones as the God of the dead and walk between life and death.” “I am a walking catastrophe!”



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