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Baek Clan’s Terminally Ill Young Master
Baek Clan’s Terminally Ill Young Master
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Baek Clan’s Terminally Ill Young Master

Other name: 백씨세가 시한부 공자; The Terminally Ill Young Master of the Baek Clan


Baek Yigang is a son of the Baek Clan, one of the seven great clans of Zhongyuan. Afflicted with the Taiyin Qi Blockage, he is cursed with a shortened lifespan and the inability to collect internal energy. He had been peacefully spending the rest of his days indoors when he was ambushed by a group of masked people. During the ambush, he lost his servant who was like a sister to him. Chased by the attackers, Baek Yigang escaped through a secret underground path. When he came across a blocked path, he decided he’d at least die fighting and picked up a rusted sword that was stuck in the ground… Original Novel **Original Webtoon:** Naver Webtoon, Naver Series



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